Get the Mac Mini M1 for 530 on Amazon, and Mac Mini M2 for 530 cheaper than on Apple

Get the Mac Mini M1 for 530 on Amazon, and Mac Mini M2 for 530 cheaper than on Apple ...

The Apple Mac Mini M1 is now available for 100 euros cheaper than the next best offer on Amazon. That makes the Mac Mini M1 the cheapest entry into the MacOS world. However, the Mac Mini M2, which was only released a few weeks ago, is already available for 340 euros cheaper on Amazon Buy iPhone 14 (Plus/Pro/Pro Max).

Amazon is making the Apple Mac Mini M1 cheaper than ever before.

Amazon has now offered the greatest opportunity for anyone who wishes to purchase an Apple calculator but only pay as little as possible for it. The lowest price according to the price comparison across all retailers was 578 euros. Again, we're talking about a sell-out.

On Amazon, the Mac Mini M2 (2023) is significantly cheaper than Apple.

Amazon has also offered the Mac Mini M1 at a new low price. The brand new Mac Mini M2 (2023) is also available, at a lower price than from Apple.

What makes the new Apple Mac Mini M2 unique?

Apple increases the Mac mini's versatility, power, and cost by up to 699 euros. The Mac mini M2 has a faster CPU and GPU, a greater memory bandwidth, and a more powerful media engine. The heat management system has also been modernized. It has four high-performance cores and a 10-core GPU.

Prices are falling as the MacBook Pro M2 (2023) is 570€ cheaper, and the MacBook Air M2/M1 is significantly cheaper.

Price Drop! MacBook Pro M2 (2023) 570€ less – also MacBook Air M2/M1 much less What: Amazon/PCG

The MacBook Pro M2 (2023) is 570€ cheaper, as well as the MacBook Air M2/M1 is much cheaper.

Sensation!The iPhone 14 Plus is now available on Amazon for €340 off, as well as the iPhone 14 Pro is considerably cheaper than at Apple.

Sensation! At Amazon, you'll receive a €340 discount on your iPhone 14 Plus, but also an iPhone 14 Pro that's much cheaper than at Apple. What: Amazon/PCG

Amazon is now offering the iPhone 14 at a lower price, as well as the Mac Mini M1/M2 as well as the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. (Plus / Pro / Pro Max) – also the iPhone 14 Pro is much cheaper than at Apple.

iPad Pro is up to €400 cheaper, and there's also an additional €400 discount on Amazon's iPad Air.

Up to €400 off the iPad Pro, but also iPad Air with significant discounts at Amazon What: Amazon/PCG

Is there anything missing? Yup! Even those who want the iPad Pro M2 much cheaper than Apple can get them from Amazon. The iPad Air, iPad (2022) and the iPad Pro M1 can also be ordered at significant discounts.

The top ten most popular tech items on Amazon in the last seven days (source: internal sales statistics)

There are other popular Amazon special offers as well as the Apple Mac Mini.

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