The Redfall Story Trailer Teases a Vampire-Poached World

The Redfall Story Trailer Teases a Vampire-Poached World ...

The new trailer for the Redfall story from Bethesda Software and Arkane discloses how the vampires came to exist and how we will fight our way back to Redfall.

The Trailer for Redfall Is Both Horrifying and Thrilling At the Same Time

The Redfall story teases how the monsters were created, revealing how the monsters were created. Aevum seems to be the primary culprit, since the experiment apparently failed in creating the vampires.

According to the official description,

The Redfall story teaser also reveals the various kinds of vampires we will be dealing with. The final scene seems to be displaying the game's real bad consequences, as the vampire declares: 'I'm the last and the first, I will take everything you have.' Other noteworthy Arkane and Bethesda elements are also included.

On May 2nd, 2023, Redfall will be available on Xbox Series and PC, and it will be the second day-one Game Pass release.

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