Updates and new versions of Steam Deck are limited to the screen!

Updates and new versions of Steam Deck are limited to the screen! ...

Steam Deck is a huge success, if you will accept it as an unexpected triumph, as it allows for new life to the world of portable gaming that, prior to the release of this piece of hardware, was heavily dependent on the Nintendo Switch and smartphones as a whole.

The Steam Deck also has to change in a constantly changing technological environment. That's why there are many concerns about the hardware that will bring it to life in the near future, in updated special editions, or, who knows, in a future Steam Deck 2.

The development team is already looking into the issue. However, there appear to be some issues with the OLED screen.

Two members of the Steam Deck engineering team recently confirmed that there are no plans to develop a new portable console, at least not yet. Why? Because some of these changes would be quite complicated, especially when it comes to the screen.

"Consumers are looking towards the future Steam Deck, which might include some incremental changes. They assume that it is extremely straightforward to add or exchange components. For that very reason, everything is "stuck" to you. Changing one or more components will be a very difficult task, especially if we want a larger OLED screen or improved visual capabilities."

Rather, Valve wants to develop a completely different, more powerful, and more powerful version of its huge mobile bet.

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