The budget for Forspokens might have spanned more than $100 million

The budget for Forspokens might have spanned more than $100 million ...

The prophesied It has been one of Square Enix's most successful releases in this 2023 release on PS5 and PC. After a few weeks, the ambitious project developed by the team behind Final Fantasy XV saw the light of day and the outcome was different from what we expected.

The public and the press have criticized the game in large measure, increasing user distrust. This has resulted in Square Enix deeming them as "mediocre."

It has also had significant consequences for its creators. Luminous Productions is being wiped out because the studio will merge with Square Enix on May 1st. After all this, details regarding the project are still unknown.

Forspoken's million dollar budget

This is information taken from the LinkedIn of a former member of the Luminous Productions team. It appears that Forspoken may have had a budget of more than $100 million.

If we consider this huge amount of money typical of the most important AAAs, Forspoken's ambition becomes apparent, it only adds to the game's fate and how the game could have given much more of itself.

This is not a legal document as such, so you must accept this information with prudence, since there has been no proof from the authors.

The process of developing this PS5 and PC work has been quite tense, but it provides clues, such as that Forspoken is not exactly the same as the original concept, as well as the difficulties that have occurred.

Since they planned other projects and a sequel, the study seemed to have faith in its product. Of course, everything has been canceled. What do we do today, anyway?

Forspoken isn't the next generation game that many of us anticipated, but neither is it the catastrophe that some have seen in the demo. Yes, it's a game that has many weaknesses that need to be improved, but it manages to make exploration and combat feel fresh and enjoyable in a world with a lot of work to do, and it encourages you to continue playing after you've seen the story.

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