No, the Galaxy S23 moon shots are not fake!

No, the Galaxy S23 moon shots are not fake! ...

When some manufacturers succeed in achieving something interesting, an inquiry follows. Or because everything is fake, or because it really doesn't work, among other things. In recent days, Samsung has been at the stake, particularly the Galaxy S23, mainly because people believe that the moon images are fake. However, we can put an end to this notion.

No!The Galaxy S23 moon shots are not fake!

Smartphone cameras do not have the same zoom capabilities as dedicated DSLR cameras. This is why they use a combination of sensors and software to enhance the quality of photography and video. This is part of the reason why an iPhone image may differ from the one taken by a Samsung Galaxy or Xiaomi.

Samsung released the "Space Zoom" with the Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020, which combined digital zoom and optical zoom to produce 100x more detailed photographs of the moon. By the way, Huawei had already been accused of the same crime.

The controversy about Samsung started as a result of a Reddit post that claimed the image was fake and that the optimizer was inaccurate.

Despite this, Samsung optimizes images, which is a different thing. By the way, this is easy to understand. If it were something completely different, the moon images would always be the same, and this is not the case.

Samsung is using an AI model on the device to recognize the moon in photographs, then adjust focus and other controls to obtain the best image possible. The image is then sent to an artificial intelligence detail enhancement engine, which removes noise in photos and enhances detail.

Since the AI model has been trained with real moon photographs, it can fill in areas that may not be visible. But beware, this is how modern smartphones capture all photos, not just moon images. The point is that in the photos of the moon, we need to utilize more artificial intelligence. This is because we would not have as much data as we would have used if we were taking a picture of a mountain or a beach that is farther away.

Is it true that the photographs are fake? No. It is a true photo enhanced by an artificial intelligence model trained on moon photos. That is, we are not pointing at the neighbor across the street and having a photo of the moon as if it were a sticker.

This Samsung system allows images to appear closer to reality, which is quite different from enhancement features like Beauty Mode, which purposely defy reality.

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