Tricks to level up and get the best equipment in Destiny 2 The Eclipse

Tricks to level up and get the best equipment in Destiny 2 The Eclipse ...

You have just purchased The Eclipse, a new Destiny 2 expansion, and would you like to receive some help in implementing Neomuna's first steps? So here's all you need to know about starting the Bungie shooter in the best possible way.

Complete the Legendary Campaign

The first recommendation we want to offer is to complete the Destiny 2 The Eclipse campaign in Legendary mode. We know, this is an extremely difficult challenge to overcome on this difficulty than on The Queen of Whispers. However, we assure you that the effort necessary to get to the end will pay out in the end. The complete Power Level 1770 weapon and armor set

Upgrade the Darkweave.

After you complete a series of activities around Neptune, you will unlock the Telascura subclass of darkness. Only the ones we could describe as the Telascura's framework will be unlocked: most of the grenades, Natures, and Fragments will be unlocked over time when you accumulate a special resource called Darkcloth Meditation.

Meditation is a major topic of discussion here.

Weekly Quest Patrols in Nimbus (those marked with a yellow icon earn more points) Collecting Orange Shards around Neomuna Completing Public Events (preferably Heroic version) The Final Boss of Terminal Overload Eliminating important targets

The amount of points a player receives depends on the activity. We recommend you explore Neomuna by always completing all patrol missions and events that happen to you: within a few hours you will have enough points to buy some upgrades: they will drop small green objects that, if collected, will grant you a Meditation point. Visit the Hall of Heroes to get a primary weapon that deals Darkweave damage.

Modify your Ghost.

We certainly find a Specter modified ad hoc to maximize the accumulation of resources and experience in the Season Pass. Blinding Light is a great option if you don't want to spend a lot of time exploring Neomuna. It's up to you to choose the mode that best suits your needs.

Increase Neomuna's rank by doing so.

In Destiny 2 The Eclipse, a second significant feature is the ability of Nimbus, the main NPC, to expand his territory both by participating in public events and collected resources. All of this comes with a bonus of 200 Darkweave Meditation Points, as well as completing the levels recommended daily at the classic reset of 18:00.

Explore the Battlefields.

Set aside the Lightfall campaign and begin the first season of Year 6, which will lead you to defend the Earth against the Shadow Legion's Cabal, which is continuing to attack and take prisoners. Go to the sala H.E.L.M. and begin the quests that will lead you to complete the seasonal activities. These include the Reigning, which is one of the most powerful heavy grenade launchers featured in the game.

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