Indonesia's Lokapala MOBA will extend to the South East

Indonesia's Lokapala MOBA will extend to the South East ...

Lokapala is now on his own.

Lokapala, a MOBA game created by children in Indonesia, has announced that the publishing relationship between Lokapala and PT Nuon Digital Indonesia has come to an end. However, Anantarupa Studio as Lokapala's designer will now be the game's publisher.

Anantarupa Studio, the new creator and publisher, said they are currently working on new things for Lokapala's development. One of Lokapala's bold new things is to expand to other countries through its Instagram page.

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Southeast Asia's Expansion is Expected

Lokapala intends to expand its services to Southeast Asian nations in order to expand its games to other countries. Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and other countries are all nearby.

Lokapala will begin its closed beta in Vietnam shortly, as the first step towards expanding into Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese Television Corporation (VTC) will later serve as the publisher of Lokapala Vietnam. After Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines will be their next destinations.

Lokapala's effort to broaden the range of players in Southeast Asia is laudable, but it should be appreciated. Tencent, the creator of the MOBA game Honor of King, has also expanded to other Asian countries, posing a challenge to popular MOBA games such as Mobile Legend, AOV, and Wild Rift.

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