Behind the Scenes of the Oscars: How Did They Do It in 2023?

Behind the Scenes of the Oscars: How Did They Do It in 2023? ...

At the very least, nobody has been hurt.

Molly McNearney and Rob Mills spoke on what transpired behind the scenes during the 95th Academy Awards on March 13.

Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the ceremony, provided two versions of the monologue: the first is appropriate in case Rihanna is sitting in the hall, and the second is appropriate if she isn't. In the one version, she holds the child in her arms, while in the second, she does not.

Jimmy was stunned at the very last moment when he climbed from a parachutist onto the stage.

A couple of days before the ceremony, Kimmel planned to continue on and on about Tom Cruise's Top Gun: Maverick. However, many jokes from the monologue were canceled.

The success of a monologue depends on several factors. First: the popularity of popular films. Second: jokes should be understood by the audience at the screens as well as those present in the hall. Kimmel does all of his monologues by himself.

Jimmy double-checked Rihanna's correct pronunciation. The host is obsessed with pronouncing people's names as they are pronounced.

A state specialist was hired to research the correct pronunciation of the name "Rihanna", which was met with a soft "a."

'Security Service' was not an improvisation. Several ceremony participants (Michael Jordan, Pedro Pascal, Michelle Yeoh, Steven Spielberg, and Andrew Garfield) were warned that Kimmel would identify them as members of the security team before the show began.

The reference to Will Smith hitting Chris Rock, the host of the awards ceremony last year, makes reference to the same situation last year. No one knew what to do about it.

Lady Gaga agreed to participate in the ceremony at the last minute. Now that she is filming the film "Joker: Madness for Two", the producers of the program did not expect her to participate. Perhaps that is why the actress' performance came to an end.

The ceremony is held three times. Before the main performance, two dress rehearsals are scheduled, which review all of the nominees.

Jimmy Kimmel rewrites the monologue many times, thinks through jokes, and does not even sleep late at night.

It was actually a disaster during the presentation of the Best Editing Award. However, Kimmel did not lose his head and began to improvise.

Despite expectations of a scandal in the manner of Will Smith's betrayal last year, the Oscars of 2023 passed quietly.

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