The Last of Us: The last episode is debating the need for surgeons!

The Last of Us: The last episode is debating the need for surgeons! ...

The Last of Us is a news culture that tackles the issue of surgeons!

Published on 03/16/2023 at 11:05

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The Last of Us series' last episode was broadcast overnight from Sunday to Monday, revealing an identical game conclusion... "Perfectly" identical? A detail

The Last of Us series has already concluded. With the ninth and final episode, video game fans knew what to anticipate. The fireflies hospital's final scene where Jol was about to have an operation... In the HBO show, he kills the surgeon and spares his assistants.

What would you have done if you had the chance?

What happens in The Last of Us, when you give up your life to free Ellie? (And that's important in The Last of Us Part 2)! On the other hand, for the other two doctors, you choose whether or not to spare them... After all, Joel, you.

"Did you spare the other two surgeons?" says a ResertEra user, who asked. "I have the impression that Joel's actions reflect the player's mood at this time."

Jol's state of mind is closely linked.

Some responses to the 600 votes are interesting. Lobster Roll, which belongs to the second category, says for example, "I killed countless people before this piece" (in The Last of Us software, editor's note)! In the title of Naughty Dog, there is a certain "ludo-narrative dissonance."

Find out more about The Last of Us's universe in this video.

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