In Greys Anatomy, will Simone Griffith end up together with Lucas or Trey?

In Greys Anatomy, will Simone Griffith end up together with Lucas or Trey? ...

Simone Griffith, one of the five new interns on ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy,' has made a brief comeback. Another intern joins the staff as well as Simone. As they seek out their differences, Simone's ex-fiancé Trey returns to her life, forcing her to choose one of them.

Will Simone Griffith Live On The Road With Lucas or Trey?

After working together as interns, Simone and Lucas begin to bond. After being certain about the same, they nearly kiss but refuse to go all the way. Amelia Shepherd asks Lucas to stay at the same house to live comfortably.

Trey, Simone's ex-fiance, intervenes between them by returning to her life. Trey wants to rekindle contact with Simone, and she has invited her to reconsider their relationship.

Trey apologizes to Simone for not having her back during a difficult time, but he hasn't changed much. He asks Simone to return to Grey Sloan in order to get back to her roots again, but he doesn't want her to accept her. Or her dedication to build a new phase of her life in Seattle.

Simone is closer to Lucas than Trey as an intern. He isn't someone who would despise Simone's hard work as Trey. Lucas has always tries to make her life easier for her. That's why she's having a hard time excluding Lucas when Trey is away.

If Trey fails to be an understanding and emotionally supportive fiancé again, Simone might end up together. Trey may not tolerate the same, which may result in their separation.

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