Night Crows, an MMORPG, answers questions and identifies seven key terms

Night Crows, an MMORPG, answers questions and identifies seven key terms ...

Wemade, a Korean company, held a media event to showcase the main content of the MMORPG Night Crows. During the event, Lee Sun-ho, who headed the development of the game, identified five key Latin phrases that would be used in the coming novelty.

Night Crows is the first cross-platform multiplayer game (for PC and mobile devices) based on Unreal Engine 5. The engine was used to create a more realistic medieval Europe that is tinged with power struggles, uprisings, and chaos.

Night Crows follows a standard way of free progression. By dividing the first four classes into eight classes, you may further enhance your initial class.

Night Crows reduces excessive and unnatural combat pace and excessively "flashy" skills. With improved "realistic action" and "combat ability," you can experience the true pleasure of battle. Large-scale battles will increase the enjoyment of battles.

High fly (flying high). The glider allows for free movement between ground and air: hover to stop in the middle of the air; swift flight to fly quickly in a horizontal direction; descent attack to assault enemies on the ground from the air

Night Crows is a huge 1,000-man battlefield with physical encounters between characters, a 3D battlefield with gliders, and elevation variations on the map. Players can shift away from the flat, siege-focused local warfare to enjoy more colorful battles.

The Last Crusade of the Night Ravens is a great battle of conquest; God wills, seize power, and unite kingship and priesthood, which are the last values.

Questions and answers

A Q&A session with Night Crows' developers followed. We provide you a free translation in Russian.

Q. This is the first WeMade press conference in ten years. Sounds like you have high expectations for Night Crows. I wonder how you intend to justify them, and if there is any pressure?

Kim Jeong Hoon. We held the meeting because we have great expectations for the game. We will do our best to present a good game.

Night Crows is a huge battlefield for 1000 people, with gliders flying freely in the sky, and a robust economy. I think it is difficult to reduce everything to one thing.

Q. What degree of enjoyment are you hoping for in the game?

Kim Jeong Hoon: We do not strive for a certain level within the company. We have always provided services worthy of the first place. When we combine Mad Engine technologies with our services technologies, the first place will not be impossible.

Q. I saw on the development site that Unreal Engine 5 was still working on. What are the benefits of using this engine?

Song Myung Suk. Unreal Engine 5 had a few flaws in its early stages. I was worried if I could immediately apply it to game development, but thanks to the release of the official version, it stabilized my game a lot.

Q. What you can tell us about increasing your character's combat ability.

Lee Chang Hyun. We will not charge for leveling pets or characters from the game. This is a key game feature that can be used on the battlefield in a wide variety of ways and by collecting in-game materials.

Q. You said that you will release the blockchain version in the second half of this year, but will it remain the same? How will this affect the character's combat ability?

Night Crows is now available on the Korean market, so it's too early to talk about a global version. However, the rights to a global publishing house have already been signed, so the game will be served overseas through the Wemix platform once it becomes successful.

Q. Is this a open world game? How many people are involved in it, and how much money is involved in its development?

Song Myung Suk. The reality is that the concepts of open world and wholeness are dissected, but the world is also divided into zones. However, each zone is large enough to ask: "Is it so?" The company was founded within two years, and it is still growing rapidly.

Q: Over the last few years, many game companies have made communicating with users a top priority. You may also utilize various communication channels to communicate with Night Crows players.

Kim Jeong Hoon. This meeting is the start of communication. The preparation was lengthy, but I prepared it because I believed it was the finest place to show off the enormity of the game. We will continue to communicate through various channels in the future.

Q. You stated that you intend to develop a Chinese service, but I'm curious about the Chinese market's expectations and how you'll approach Chinese customers.

Kim Jeong Hoon. This is just a future roadmap, but it's too early to establish a clear path. It's appropriate to speak after the Korean version is successfully launched and new features are available.

Q. You cited economic gain as a motivation for fighting. Please explain the benefits in more detail.Lee Sun Ho. Large hunting grounds, such as battlefields, are of great interest to players, and we intend to encourage competition through this. Additionally, Conquest Wars are expected to take place between guilds seeking additional resources from the regions.

Q. What are the minimum requirements for PC and mobile devices? Also, do there intend to be a Steam release?

Song Myung Suk. Although Mad Engine is a small business, we believe that it will have no problem optimizing the game as it is a cutting-edge technology company. For the minimum specifications, the PC must have an RTX 2070 graphics card for the highest settings. There are no plans to release on Steam.

Q. Is a dogfight a possibility? I wonder if it's possible to slap a user who is already planning a break or something similar?

Lee Sun Ho. Air combat is impossible. The glider is the element that creates a variable in combat, and it has more strategic functions, such as the use of outflanking the opponent.

Q. Is there any intention to include an AI capability such as ChatGPT in the future?

Song Myung Suk. There are no plans to introduce such things in the future. However, the development environment will change in the future, and we are currently doing research and development in this direction, such as creating art using low-level artificial intelligence.

Q. What are the customization options? Lee Sun Ho. We do not intend to make customization very extensive. However, we will provide a preset look for each class that would suit medieval Europe.

Q. How many items of equipment does the character have?

Lee Sung-ho. This is the part we must continue to work on right up until the launch. So please understand that it's difficult to talk about it right now.

Q. A long distance character might benefit from 3D motion, but how do you intend to keep it?

Lee Sun Ho. In fact, all classes are not matched in such a way that they can all fight with the same effectiveness in all locations. Because each role group is different, hunting performance is also different. However, we are constantly testing and balancing to a level where the difference between a class with good hunting efficiency and a class with poor hunting efficiency is minimal.

Is there any intention to make Mad Engine a subsidiary of [Wemade] if the game is successful?

Kim Jeong Hoon. There are no plans at this time.

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