A Canadian man snatches a Tesla Model 3 right through the Tesla app

A Canadian man snatches a Tesla Model 3 right through the Tesla app ...

Rajesh Randev, a resident of Canadian Vancouver, was in such a hurry to pick up the children from school that he realized on the way that he was driving another person's Model 3, unaware of it whatsoever.

Randev mixed up two cars in early March 2023, but it wasn't enough to deduce a serious problem. Only when he discovered a phone charger in the car, Rajesh's owner discovered the number.

Rendezvous began to look over the car and made sure it was in the care of another individual – this Model 3 differed in minor but significant details. After that, he returned the electric vehicle to the owner, having previously taken the children from school. Everything ended fairly peacefully, but it is noteworthy that the car was opened several times and even managed without any rights.

The Tesla app allows you to use your smartphone as a key, allowing you to open the vehicle doors and even start other Teslas while the gadget is nearby; normally such software is tied to a particular vehicle and is not intended to open and start other Teslas. The Model 3 has a safety mechanism that closes the doors and prevents driving when the owner moves away from the vehicle.

Elon Musk, the company's CEO, has long dismissed the company's PR department, so there were no replies from the manufacturer. The manufacturer is apparently unaware of a third-party bug-finding program for a fee. It is not yet known whether or not Tesla will take any action in response to the incident.

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