Spacesuits from NASA's lunar mission will not be brought back to Earth

Spacesuits from NASA's lunar mission will not be brought back to Earth ...

The astronauts will stay onboard the ship while hovering in the moon's orbit.

The spacesuits from which the astronauts from the first mission of the Artemis program will fly toward the Moon are not expected to be returned to Earth. This was discussed by the NASA project participants in a subsequent interview.

To arrive on the moon, two vehicles will be used. The astronauts will fly to the Earth's satellite on Orion, then transfer to Spaceship, a NASA-built special lander.

The astronauts will first be taken to the surface of the moon, and then returned to orbit along with spacesuits. Here, the astronauts will return to Earth, but they will not take their spacesuits with them.

The suits are planned to be left onboard the Spaceship. The lander will be in orbit around the Moon "indefinitely" after the astronauts depart for Earth.

Due to the limited weight that Orion can carry on Earth, NASA decided to keep the spacesuits. The ship will only have some equipment and a few moon rocks.

The project participants agree that astronauts may be able to take small pieces of spacesuits with them, as well as gloves.

Moon explorers, according to, have left some equipment on Earth's satellite before. For example, the protective boots that astronaut Neil Armstrong first used to go to the moon are still there today.

The first mission under the Artemis program is planned to launch by the end of 2025.

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