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The US Has Developed A Plan To Maintain The Arms Embargo Against Iran

The US Has Developed A Plan To Maintain The Arms Embargo Against Iran

The US will try to get the UN Security Council to adopt a draft resolution that provides for maintaining the arms embargo against Iran, based on the provisions of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (JCPOA), from which Washington withdrew in 2018. This was reported on Sunday by the New York Times, citing sources in the United States administration.

The US recalled that, according to the provisions of the JCPOA, which was signed by the permanent five of the UN Security Council and Germany with Iran in 2015, Tehran will be able to purchase weapons and military equipment from foreign suppliers from October. The US administration intends to prevent this and try to persuade members of the UN Security Council to either extend the arms embargo or impose even tougher sanctions against Iran.

According to the New York Times, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo approved the plan, according to which the US, from a legal point of view, is still a party to the JCPOA and allegedly has the right to demand the resumption of UN sanctions that were in effect before the nuclear deal was concluded. If the arms embargo is not extended in October, then Washington will use this argument to insist on resuming the old sanctions. In theory, this option will be mandatory for all other members of the United Nations, the newspaper explains.

Thus, the plan of the administration of President Donald Trump pursues far-reaching goals, given the approach of the elections on November 3. For example, to force Tehran to conclude a new agreement to replace the JCPOA, but on terms that are more acceptable to the United States. Iran has repeatedly refused to enter into such negotiations and demands that the United States again become a party to the nuclear deal and strictly comply with all its provisions. Trump rejects this path.

According to the publication, many US allies in Europe will oppose the idea and too selective treatment of an international Treaty of such significance by the US. "We cannot allow the Islamic Republic of Iran to start purchasing conventional weapons in six months. The President [Barack] Obama should never have agreed to end the UN arms embargo, the newspaper quotes Pompeo's response to a request for comment on the publication. "We are ready to use all available diplomatic options to ensure that the UN Security Council arms embargo remains in place."

The US special representative for Iran, Brian hook, brought the details of the plan to the attention of some members of the White House national security Council, the newspaper writes, citing European diplomats. According to them, hook, during visits to New York and Paris, told the allies about the plan in general terms, but did not mention the US readiness to unilaterally demand tougher sanctions against Tehran.

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