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Tokens for NFT Ice Hockey: A Large-scale project Appelled KHLCards is now available on the Binance Nft Marketplace

Tokens for NFT Ice Hockey: A Large-scale project Appelled KHLCards is now available on the Binance Nft Marketplace

The holding, the creators of the NFT project that runs under the Kontinental Hockey League license, is releasing NPT hockey cards exclusively on the Binance NTF marketplace, BinANCE's world'leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider.

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Users of the Binance NFT marketplace will be able to purchase the first batch of NPT cards through the Mystery Boxes. The Mystery Boxes will be released on September 27th 2021. Mystery Boxes will have a fixed price of 20BUSD, with fewer limits on their respective NFT cards.

Each card will capture memorable moments from games. These may be footage from season games, detailed images from sports awards, or photos of the champions themselves. The NFTs are based on photos and videos of all KHL teams, including Avangard, Spartak, and CSKA, which are created from photographs and video. The cards may include photographs of famous athletes as Sergey Shirokov, Vadim Shipachev, Marko Anttila, Konstantin Okulov, and others. Each type of card has a distinct characteristics: bronze, silver, gold, platinum. Je higher the rarity of the card, the less less such cards will be issued and the more costly they will cost.

" is a fundamentally new digital project from KHP and our partners, and Binance NFT. KHL digital assets are not just cards showing memorable hockey moments that can be bought on the market, they are also a whole system that you can utilize to collect, sell, and play with. This is now a fully-fledged product, at the beginning of which game mechanics will be introduced. We will launch in several phases. The first NFT cards will be available on Binance. Owners will be able to earn tokens and win valuable prizes if they use our own system. We'll launch on GameFi next year, according to plans," Sergey Dobrokhvalov, vice president of the KHL, said that the vice-prsident.

" We're delighted to announce the first large-scale hockey NFT project on the Binance NfFT marketplace. Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world, with an army of millions of fans," said a crowd of thousands of people. Helen Hai, the Head of Binance NFT, said that. " We're seeing new trends in the sports industry and the NFT marketplace with the fastest and cheapest solutions powered by Binance blockchain infrastructure and community, thanks to the industry's innovative partnerships with such companies."

It is planned to open a secondary market for additional NFT cards sales and raffles, as well as to establish statewide market. Through staking, KHL NFT cardholders will be able to earn internal tokens on the platform.

"Hockey fans and crypto communities share similarities. They are towns with a strong interest in dynamic processes and dramatic victories. We were able to bring these individuals together in a fundamentally new ecosystem, to introduce them to the capabilities provided by NFTs. The concept of having a unique and inimitable digital product with the ability to use it in varying ways is now more relevant than ever before. This is not a limited feature on the mass market, it is natural that people around the world will begin to learn more about it. Grce to our platform, fans will be able to watch games from the commentator's box, listen to videos, and give back to the comments. " "To hockey players as they enter the rink and more," According to Alina Krot, Executive Director of the Executive Office of Aline Kroat, "The Executive Officer of The University of Colorado is Arine Kroit." .

The campaign announced the launch of a fully-fledged game project for GameFi, which included the discovery of mystery boxes.

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