Naomi Voss, the rookie Feds' player, who plays her?

Naomi Voss, the rookie Feds' player, who plays her? ...

'The Rookie: Feds' is a sixteenth episode of ABC's police procedural show, following Matt Garza's Special Investigative Unit's drive to depose Tobias Kazan, a notorious drug lord who has been kidnapped by Simone Clark. He is eventually apprehended by an LAPD officer, who continues to amaze viewers throughout the episode.

Naomi Voss, who is she?

Naomi Voss is a police officer who has recently been hired by the LAPD. She has been investigating Chase Harrison even before Garza's Special Investigative Unit planned to use him as a bait to capture Tobias Kazan. She is driven to pursue Chase at any cost since she wants him to be freed.

Naomi is a highly skilled and dedicated police officer who will never give up even if her case goes above her pay grade. She is driven by compassion as she ensures the lives of Chase's victims are reimbursed. This is evident in her encounter with Garza, an FBI agent in Los Angeles.

Naomi and Simone's effort to capture Chase have pushed them closer as well. In the future, we may see them going out on dates and eventually forming an endearing relationship. DJ does not like Naomi because she is an FBI agent.

Naomi Voss, who plays her?

Juani Feliz plays Naomi Voss in Amazon Prime Video's 'Harlem,' where she obtained her degree and post-graduation in biomedical engineering. She then reprises her role in 'Conviction' as Vida Diletez, 'Shades of Blue' as Vanessa Ruiz, 'Blue Bloods' as Corey Vallejo, and 'Power' as Jesenia.

Feliz's breakthrough television performance is in Tracy Oliver's 'Harlem,' in which she plays Isabela Benitez-Santiago, a disgraced Spanish Harlem Kings. She plays Alejandra Lopez in the FX show 'Fleishman Is in Trouble.' She has appeared in 'NCIS: Hawai'i,' 'The Good Doctor,' 'Canal Street,' and others.

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