Is copy protection the reason for the poor PC performance in Hogwarts Legacy?

Is copy protection the reason for the poor PC performance in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

"Hogwarts Legacy" is a smash hit that sells out fast. The only issue that many assume is the game's copy protection for the first time, giving an insight into how well the Harry Potter adventure performs without protection from illegal copying.

Hogwarts Legacy is a smash hit, thanks to both the players and the press, and the new chapter from the "Harry Potter" universe has already sold more than 12 million copies.

If there is one thing that plays a role in most rather low ratings, it is the not always reliable performance. Stuttering, glitches, and game crashes are all common and for many players, they add to their childhood at Hogwarts School of Magic.

Some believe that they have already discovered a reason for the performance issues. Like many video games, "Hogwarts Legacy" is also equipped with "Denuvo" copy protection, which is intended to avoid purchased games being copied in an unnatural manner. However, there have frequently been performance issues with other games as a result of this software.

The first crack reveals little difference from the original version.

Users on "Reddit" have published many test videos, which are intended to demonstrate the significant difference between playing with and without "Denuvo."

Several of these videos contained typos that should not be taken as the whole picture. According to other users and experts, bypassing the copy protection has little impact on performance.

With such manipulation of the game, a complete removal of the copy protection is rare. A negative impact of "Denuvo" on the game's mixed performance is unavoidable. At the moment, however, the developers appear to have not fully implemented the optimization.

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Since February 10, Hogwarts Legacy has been available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, and a Nintendo Switch version will be available on July 25th. The developers have also already announced plans for a successor, which will hopefully deliver better performance.

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