Is There A Lore Lady in SMITE?

Is There A Lore Lady in SMITE? ...

Every time a God is soon to appear on the Battleground of the Gods, a video is published on the game's official YouTube channel. This time, however, it's not the SMITE Lore Lady who is revealed. That omnipresent voice has finally got a face.

Suehyla El-Attar Young is our Lore Lady. She has been with us since the beta, in 2012, but she decided to use a CGI animation instead in order to reintroduce God's story. Fans fought and reintroduced their beloved Lore Lady.

The SMITE Lore Lady has continued to appear in every God reveal video since, often as an April Fool's joke. Now, it's clear that she'll continue to appear, hopefully for as long as the game exists.

SMITE is completely free and available on all major platforms if you haven't already.

Official SMITE YouTube Channel

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