Is Sophie still alive with Akka, a person who is too hot to handle Germany?

Is Sophie still alive with Akka, a person who is too hot to handle Germany? ...

'Too Hot to Handle: Germany,' which is produced by Netflix in every possible way, is once again awash with fiery, fiery, steamy, and emotional connections. This time though, the focal group of attractive singles who are essentially forced into abstinence in the hopes they'll be able to develop genuine relationships are all German-speaking.

Sophie and Akka are too hot to handle: Their Germany Reise

Sophie, 25, unwittingly turned most of the existing relationships between the cast and herself through her sheer beauty and bright personality. Despite the latter two being involved, she admitted she found Akka, Fabio, and Tobias quite attractive and she was honest with them whenever the time came.

Sophie decided to share a bed with 21-year-old Vienna influencer Akka because he was the last single guy standing and nothing more. This is especially because she candidly approached him within a few days to confess she didn't feel a romantic spark.

Sophie's announcement ruffled Akka's confidence somewhat, as he already appreciated her wishes on her first evening, yet he nonetheless accepted her wishes. This friendship soon allowed them to pursue something much greater on their own terms, without any pressure. That's because they continued to share a bed, cuddle, and communicate.

Akka and Sophie were on the exact same page when it came to discussing their relationship. That's why they'd both pledged to continue to push one another to be their best selves no matter what during their final date.

Is Sophie still alive?

"I realized there was something between us," Akka told his partner at one point, before adding, "You get me to open up." Sophie said, "You get me to go at our own pace, without any pressure... our relationship became totally natural and real." The former then added, "This retreat is the best thing that's ever happened to me 'cause it brought you."

Sophie and Akka's current status, according to what we can tell from their social media platforms — mutual follows, similar comments, and casually cute interactions — they appear to be enjoying themselves. However, the way they've recently been relaxed while promoting 'Too Hot to Handle: Germany' suggests that the couple has managed to maintain a good bond.

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