Is Tobias and Stella from Germany still together?

Is Tobias and Stella from Germany still together? ...

'Too Hot to Handle: Germany,' a German dating program that is well-known for its steamy scenes, engaging cast, and high stakes that keep viewers coming back for more. The show's recent release has made fans curious whether or not they are still together.

Tobias and Stella's Too Hot to Handle: A German Journey

Tobias was eager to establish a connection with Stella from the very first day they saw the program, and the cast and crew were delighted to meet new people at the very first opportunity. Stella herself was open to everything, and she did everything she could to dispel the attention she was receiving from others.

Stella ended up kissing Anna Strigl but decided to stay with Tobias after 32 minutes. Initially, Tobias found himself wanting more and soon realized that Stella was more interested in him than she was in her.

Tobias decided to stick with Sophie even though he found the new cast member to be quite attractive. The couple decided to toast the occasion by kissing and lost an additional €12,000. However, they kept their rules as strict as they became more open to each other.

Marco Cali decided to have a date with Stella, which made Tobias extremely jealous, although he tried to trust his partner. She later decided to join the two new male cast members in the communal shower, which he was surprised by.

Marco desired to build a connection with Stella, but she chose to let the incident go after a candid conversation with Stella and clarifications to Marco. Due to their growth throughout the program, Tobias and Stella were the first couple to get a green light on their watches.

Is Tobias still married to Stella?

Tobias and Stella have yet to provide an official update on their relationship. The couple does follow each other on Instagram, and Stella herself has been generous to her on-screen partner in the comment section of Tobias' Instagram posts. Such interactions give us confidence that the couple will continue to work together.

Stella is a highly successful model and influencer with more than 213 thousand Instagram followers. Anna is often seen on each other's social media. Tobias is an IT consultant with about 35 thousand TikTok followers.

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