Is Anna and Onyi, who have grown too hot to handle Germany, still friends?

Is Anna and Onyi, who have grown too hot to handle Germany, still friends? ...

The friendships between some of the cast members of Netflix's 'Too Hot to Handle: Germany' are fascinating to watch. It's also not uncommon for some of the cast members to forge friendships during the main events of the dating show. This was the case for Anna Strigl and Onyi Alaike in the first season of the program.

Anna and Onyi's German Journey Is Too Hot to Handle

Anna and Onyi, a stunning duo, joined the Netflix show with one another and seemed to be quick to entice the participating men. However, Onyi did not seem to find a similar bond with someone else until she joined the cast.

Both women were eager to investigate the potential for a romantic bond between them and the new additions to the house. However, Paddy and Anna quickly bonded and ended up sharing a bed. Onyi, who had hoped to hook up with Paddy, was disappointed by the news.

Onyi explained that she was under the impression that Anna was still working on her relationship with Fabio. Laura Muro was equally upset by the situation as she was rooting for Onyi.

Anna and Paddy had already shared a kiss, which the former refused to reveal to Onyi and Laura because he was so absorbed in the topic of the conversation. Shortly afterward, Onyi tried to approach Paddy but quickly realized that he was more interested in pursuing things with Anna.

Is Anna still friends with Onyi?

Despite what transpired on the Netflix program, Anna and Onyi appear to be still friends. Both reality TV actors follow each other on Instagram and are well-known for interacting with each other in the comment section.

Anna's friendship with Onyi is strong, but both women have developed a much deeper connection with someone else from the show. Anna's friendship with Laura appears to have only grown stronger in real life. We wish them the very best for their future.

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