Omarion Reacts to a Catfish Victim Who Thought They WereEngaged

Omarion Reacts to a Catfish Victim Who Thought They WereEngaged ...

People are still being catfished in the year 2023. Simone was featured on a recent episode of Dr. Phil because she believed she was engaged to Omarion.

On Monday (February 27), the crooner of "Post To Be" addressed the scam via Instagram, touting his "respect" for his followers.

Shortly after the episode titled "Am I really engaged to superstar entertainer Omarion?" was airing, the 38-year-old wrote: "Be smart family."

According to the Bronx woman, she never met the crooner because his "manager" was charging a $3,000 fee. However, she claimed she'd been talking to Omarion since October 2020, and they've been engaged since last year. Over the course of two years, Simone has reportedly paid the catfish $4,500.

Michelle Le Fleur, the actual manager and CEO of Omarion Worldwide, who acted on the song on her behalf, was also on the segment to clear the air.

The catfish tries to persuade Simone that he is Omarion, including by confirming that the singer does not reside in Inglewood and neither of them would pay money to meet him.

A video message from Omarion himself seemed to convince Simone that she was actually speaking with her. From sending fake driver's licenses and passports to FaceTiming them, it's amazing.

Before sending "brightest moments to all," the former B2K star apologized directly to Simone and said they aren't in a relationship.

Watch the whole episode here.

Full Circle: Sonic Book One, O's next solo album, will be released this May.

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