Rain Code Characters and Voice Actors have been revealed

Rain Code Characters and Voice Actors have been revealed ...

Spike Chunsoft has revealed more about the Master Detective Archives: Rain Code characters, as well as the English voice actors for the game. A digital novel will also be included with the game.

Below is a sneak peek at the Master Detective Archives: Rain Code character trailer.

More characters from Rain Code were detailed in the teaser, including Yuma Kokohead and Shinigami, who had previously been revealed. Their info also includes their special detective ability, "Forte."

  • Desuhiko Thunderbolt (Forte: Disguise) – Khoi Dao (Kagetsu in Fire Emblem Engage, Halley in Relayer)
  • Fubuki Clockford (Forte: Time Leap) – Xanthe Huynh (Haru in Persona 5, Sabuko and Jam in River City Girls 2)
  • Melami Goldmine (Forte: Spiritism) – Lauren Landa (Annie in Attack on Titan, Kyoka Eden in Scarlet Nexus)
  • Shinigami – Anjali Kunapaneni (Iseria in Trails of Cold Steel Northern War, Dori in Genshin Impact)
  • Yuma Kokohead – Lucien Dodge (K1-B0 in Danganronpa V3, Waver in Fate/Zero)
  • Zange Eraser (Forte: Thoughtography) – Kurt Bicknell
  • Zilch Alexander (Forte: Animal Investigation) – Y. Chang (Hacker in Akudama Drive, Shingo in Ladies versus Butlers!)

The Master Detective Archive: Rain Code character trailer includes a list of game's physical editions. The Mysteriful Limited Edition will also include a book that includes the development team's comments, a Shinigami plush, and a CD soundtrack.

Rain Code will be available for Nintendo Switch on June 30, 2023.

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