PS3 Firmware Update 4.90 is now out, and here's what it does

PS3 Firmware Update 4.90 is now out, and here's what it does ...

Sony has just released a PS3 firmware update 4.90, which appears to have resolved some minor stability and performance issues.

Sony has released a surprising update for the console, which has been around for over two decades. It was replaced by the PS4 and later by the PS5. Despite the console's age, there is still some use for it, as seen with the new firmware update.

Sony has not indicated whether or not the firmware upgrade is related to security improvements, although it appears to be. The PS3 firmware update 4.90 mentions that it improves the system's performance, but normally, this is not the case.

Patch Notes for the PS3 Firmware Update 4.90

  • This system software update improves system performance.

The firmware update changelog does not appear to contain any significant changes. However, Sony considered it appropriate to patch it before it becomes widespread. This is generally done via bug bounty hunts, where a hacker can share any exploit they have discovered for the hardware and earn a reward.

It's possible that the firmware upgrade that you have installed will not make any significant changes. The download size of this update is similarly small, and should be under 1GB.

The PS3's security was compromised a long time ago, leaving the console open for exploits, leaving the door open for things like homebrew. PS1, PS2, and PSP games may be run on the PS3, but there are other homebrew programs available to make them work.

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