Bella Ramsay and Storm Reed talk about episode 7 of The Last of Us

Bella Ramsay and Storm Reed talk about episode 7 of The Last of Us ...

Ellie's experiences have now been revealed.

Ellie's background on The Last of Us is revealed in the seventh series, which includes a look at her life before meeting Joel: we learn how she lived in the Quarantine Zone, and learn about Riley, her best friend. In an interview with Variety and Vulture, actresses Bella Ramsay and Storm Reid discuss their roles.

Bella and Storm instantly became friends. This turned out to be a great benefit as Storm is only involved in one series, so the actors did not have much time to work out a common language.

Bella adapted to her role and felt just like Ellie. Doubts at the beginning of the episode and growing confidence towards the end when her character kisses Riley.

Riley did not have to join the Fireflies. She was just a youngster, eager to find her place in the world and distinguish herself from the rest of the faeces.

Riley refused to repeat the game, and instead relied on the script and her own thoughts.

When Bella remarked on homophobia in an interview, she said, "Don't look," and she agrees that there are much more satisfying experiences in life than just worrying about who loves whom.

Bella liked the new ending. Although the series does not detail Riley's transformation or what happened to her next, she believes that this is much better: sometimes what the audience does not notice has an influence on them more.

This is an interesting story.

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