Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: The Nintendo Switch game's pre-order is now available for pre-order!

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: The Nintendo Switch game's pre-order is now available for pre-order! ...

News good idea Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: the Nintendo Switch game's pre-order is now available for download!

Published on 02/28/2023 at 20:45

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Do you want to keep your Nintendo Switch to the end? That's okay, as the brand new Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom, will be released next May. Know that Fnac has a decent pre-order offer.

Fnac is offering a pre-order for Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda Breath of the Wild has had a before and an after; Nintendo has, it is true, broken the rules of the open world with ultra-permissive gameplay that, even today, inspires outstanding creativity on the players. This is why we are eagerly anticipating its sequel, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

As promised, the Nintendo Switch will be an exclusive game, and pre-orders are now available at various merchants. Nonetheless, Fnac fails to provide any useful information on the pricing of the video game.

The software is therefore priced at 59.99 euros, although if you have the Fnac+ card, you will be entitled to ten euros on your loyalty account as a voucher, which you may use to buy another video game of your choice.

The release of the report is scheduled for the 12th of May, 2023.

Pre-order Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for €59.99, with additional bonuses from Fnac.

The most anticipated Nintendo Switch game of 2023 is Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom is a direct sequel to Breath of the Wild, which is true that the game is quite similar to it. It's currently difficult to declare if the game will be released in the future: the map of Hyrule is shown on two levels, one terrestrial and the other celestial! New automobiles will be available.

The bestiary will also take the lead with more opponents, but also more organized and diversified enemy tactics. For Link, he will have a strange arm with strange abilities, around which the story will revolve. Moreover, the scriptwriting stakes promise to be greater and more serious.

There are a lot of reasons to wait for Tears of the Kingdom. And, if you liked Breath of the Wild, don't be too apprehensive.

With additional incentives from Fnac, you can pre-order Zelda Tears of the Kingdom for €59.99.

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