The Eclipse is now available for Destiny 2: The Eclipse. Let's see what's new

The Eclipse is now available for Destiny 2: The Eclipse. Let's see what's new ...

Destiny 2: The Eclipse will be available on all platforms from today, February 28, 2023. This new content includes several features that Bungie demonstrated in an official press release.

Destiny 2: The Eclipse is the final chapter in the video game's "Light and Darkness Saga." Players will have to defeat the Shadow Legion, explore a new island on Neptune, and acquire a new ability.

The most important information about Destiny 2: Eclipse is this:

Telescure: A Darkness-related elemental ability, but all classes have a grappling hook to increase mobility Neomuna: Neptune's new neon city and home of the Cloudslayers and new Guardian allies Legendary Campaign: A new screen to encourage friendly interactions Commendations and ranks are displayed in the game, as well as the activity completed Terminal overload: a new activity to repel attacks from the Vex and Cabal

The first team in the world to complete it will earn an exclusive Raid Belt on March 10 (18:00 Italian time).

Bungie has announced that the L'Eclissi Edition + Annual Pass is now available on all platforms. (i.e. the expansion The Eclipse) as well as the following content

Access to seasons 21-23; The Eclipse Dungeon Key, which grants access to the two dungeons scheduled for Destiny 2 Year 6; instant unlock of the Argent Quickstorm Exotic Auto Rifle with Catalyst and Ornament; exotic goshawk from L'Eclissi; Rahool's Secret Stash, containing exclusive resources offered at the start of Season of the Resistance and Seasons 21-23.

Bungie also presented the Season of the Resistance, which will include the following:

Update to the Vanguard Operations playlist: the revised versions of two strikes will be included: "Arms Dealer" and "Lake of shadows" Games of the Guardians 2023: the annual competition will continue in May, with the three Guardian classes competing by completion of activities and depositing medallions to commemorate the Tower's memorial statue.

Here's the cinematic teaser for Destiny 2: The Eclipse from the State of Play.

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