Talking to a Moss Book II Developer in a PS VR2 Special

Talking to a Moss Book II Developer in a PS VR2 Special ...

'Moss' and 'Moss Book II' have already enthralled many people on the first Sony PlayStation VR glasses. Not to mention numerous top ratings from the national and international press. It's no wonder both games have now been revamped for PSVR 2 to shine again.

What is the meaning of "Moss"?

Quill, a little mouse who wants great adventures, becomes a reality through a series of magical events. She must go on a long journey to save him from the clutches of a dragon. Instead, you control Quill from a viewer's perspective, thanks to beautifully designed dioramas that appear to have just stepped out of a storybook.

The little mouse lady's world appeared to be fine until evil forces attack Quill and pursue her into her latest adventure. The sequel is also an action-adventure in which you accompany the mouse from a viewing perspective.

PSVR 2's "Moss" games are becoming more popular than ever.

Quill's adventures and how they've been adapted for PlayStation VR2 required a complete redesign of the two games and a look into the possibilities of the new technology, according to a developer.

Everything in the viewing direction is particularly sharp, thanks to the eye tracking, and it does not impede gaming enjoyment. In real life, we also pay attention to everything in front of our eyes, while things near the edge of our vision aren't pin-sharp until we move our attention there.

The rumble functions have also become an important part of Quill's adventures in the new "Moss" and "Moss: Book II." Parts of the VR goggles vibrate when you're hit by enemies in combat to enhance your immersion.

Coolie Calihan, the game's developer, revealed that there were many flaws they kept tinkering with during testing. There are moments in the game when vibrations are expected – these must be part of the final game. There are also subtle head vibrations that allow you to immerse yourself even further in the game.

Due to its complex nature, certain players felt the key assignment too much. Unfortunately, this has not been changed in the new edition – there is no individually adjustable key assignment for the most important functions.

The interaction with mouse lady Quill is important for progressing the story, but it is also necessary for both games. She is not just a heroine that you control through the diorama, she is also your friend. Regular stroking is a must-have, and with PSVR 2, it's even hotter and cuddlier.

If you don't give Quill a high five regularly, you've not played "Moss" correctly, according to us.

Development challenges include:

Although Quill's adventures are unquestionably the result of the authors' keen interest, such (re)development is not without obstacles and difficulties. The epidemic thwarted normal everyday work, so home office and regular update calls were the order of the day. Both games were also reworked from scratch, so the development team also grew steadily.

After a series of playtests, it is clear that "Moss" and "Moss: Book 2" are wonderful, fairytale games that delight younger audiences. Already during the testing phase with shooter players, casual gamers, and hardcore fans, Quill can inspire a large number of different players with its magical nature and action-packed adventures.

There will be no charge for game owners for purchasing a copy of the game.

If you have already played "Moss" and "Moss: Book 2" on the PSVR, and you want to take your mouse lady Quill on the PSVR 2, you'll have to pay a lot of money. Unfortunately, as the developers have confirmed, there is no update for owners of the game: you will have to buy the PSVR 2 optimized version again from the PS Store to benefit from the latest VR glasses.

Polyarc has admitted that they would prefer to get a free upgrade, but they aren't big enough to accommodate it, and this is understandable for any original game owners. The two games had to be rebuilt from scratch to provide the most authentic adventure possible, and that costs money.

"Moss: Book II" - A game for everyone?

Coolie Calihan explained that the PSVR 2 and "Moss" should be purchased for all gamers, as well as "Moss: Book II." The story is also fantastic, and with the new VR glasses, it's a real highlight.

The beauty of the Quill Little Mouse stories is that they will not only delight the youngster audience, but they will also inspire you: Your wild adventure is filled with little secrets and fantastic worlds, so that even experienced players will never get bored here.

Coolie cautions that this remastered adventure might be suitable for those who enjoy fantasy games and fairy tales.

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