One of DC's greatest villains discovers Batman's secret identity

One of DC's greatest villains discovers Batman's secret identity ...

Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face, has discovered the Batman's secret identity and has used the information to threaten Bruce Wayne, one of the many DC Universe classic series.

Dexter Soy, Stefano Raffaele, and Miguel Mendonca all contributed to Detective Comics #1069. In the lead up to this dc comicHarvey Dent has led Batman to the "Man with Ten Eyes."

After Batman is seriously injured in the previous issue, the vigilante is managed to awaken the man, leading to a moment in which Two-Face discloses Batman's secret identity.

"I saw that, Bruce," replies the DC Comics villain. "There's a lot of bad news out there, and it's after us," Harvey Dent adds, taking a moment to warn him not to go after him anytime soon.

"If you ever try to 'fix me' or'save' Harvey by splitting the two of us... I'll look after each and every one you cared about," the DC Comics villain threatens Batman. "I'll take my time with them and make them suffer."

How this villain discovered Batman's secrets

Harvey Dent, who I already knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman but who concealed it from his other self (Two-Face) was infected with an Azmer substance that the Orgham family is using to take control of Gotham City.

The Azmer prevented Harvey Dent from intervening or addressing the mortally wounded Batman. However, Two-Face was able to defeat the Azmer and agreed to save Batman only after Harvey informed him that Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight.

Two-Face discovers Batman's secrets thanks to the fact that he was asleep. Harvey Dent was already aware of it and had kept it to himself, calculating what it might imply if his alter ego discovered it. Now that he is aware of it, Curves are on the way, Batfamily!

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