Jade Empire im Klassik-Test (Xbox)

Jade Empire im Klassik-Test (Xbox) ...

Bioware is watering out. Although they have been recognized as well-known role-playing studios for years, a game designer dream has remained unfulfilled so far. With Jade Empire, the creative minds behind doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk present a role-playing game that has nothing to do with either "AD&D" or "Star Wars."

The story starts in an early medieval pseudo-China, the Jade Empire. Here the Emperor Sun Hai's soldiers fly around with smoking kites, endless gods and demons teach noble or nasty fighting styles, and old masters teach you basic skills like health, chi, and focus. The blue focus bar indicates how long you can hold a weapon or slow-motion mode.

In the following tutorial, the greatest improvement is shown: In Jade Empire, your hero raises his fists and a wild exchange of blows begins. With various melee and support styles, you deal blue eyes and shock states such as slowdown, paralysis, or poison. In addition, you may connect styles to combos.

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