These are the latest Xbox games with gold in March

These are the latest Xbox games with gold in March ...

Microsoft has also revealed which games you may look forward to with Xbox Games with Gold in the new month. This time, there are not only two, but three titles.

Xbox Live Gold members have received two full games per month as part of their subscription for several months now. This time, though, Microsoft is making an exception, as there are even three games available.

The second game, Trüberbrook, will be released from tomorrow, March 1st. There are two new titles coming to the end of the month.

The Complete Collection includes Sudden Strike 4, which costs 39.99 euros per month, as well as all five DLCs, so you can engage with the various factions in decisive battles in historical locations such as Dunkirk, Finland, or the African continent's deserts.

The third and final game of March will be held from March 16th until April 15th. Here you play the role of the young aristocrat Victor, who is on a quest to discover the cure for a mysterious disease. Yet hidden within the walls of the villa there are many unknown horrors that can end your life.

The Complete Collection Trailer for Sudden Strike 4 has been released.

The New Complete Collection, including all DLC content, is now available from the Strategy game Sudden Strike 4.

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