Apple: a low-cost iPhone with an OLED screen and a 5G processor? It becomes clearer

Apple: a low-cost iPhone with an OLED screen and a 5G processor? It becomes clearer ...

News JVTech Apple: a "low cost" iPhone with an OLED screen and 5G chip? It becomes clearer

Published on 02/28/2023 at 19:15

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Apple's 2023 year may be a year of all surprises! In recent months, rumors about the Apple Car and the mixed reality headset have risen dramatically, yet the most significant innovation might be the introduction of a new affordable iPhone.

iPhone: a rumor that pleases the wallet

Ming-Chi Kuo, an award-winning analyst, is very often correct with his Apple forecasts, particularly when it comes to an old, worn out apple: the l'iPhone SE, which might make a comeback very shortly. According to the data he shared, the changes will, obviously, be noticeable.

The new "affordable" iPhone should also have slightly thicker frames than the iPhone 14. That's not to say that Ming-Chi Kuo's intentions are the same as the iPhone 14.

Apple does not desire to be aided in the development of its new iPhone SE!

One of the most notable changes is the inclusion of Apple's 5G modem, which will have 5G connectivity only in the "sub-6 GHz" bands, according to the analyst.

Apple's attempts to control all (or almost) of its devices are apparent from this 5G modem switch. This is an example of a company that, under Tim Cook's leadership, is now able to apply the same principles to its mobile phones!

For the time being, no release date has been announced. Even Ming-Chi Kuo couldn't find any information on this! Nevertheless, the new iPhone SE will likely not be released until March 2024, a date that is quite consistent with Apple's previous models.

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