How to Open and Remove the Seal on Gui Zang's Hidden Palace in Genshin Impact

How to Open and Remove the Seal on Gui Zang's Hidden Palace in Genshin Impact ...

Gui Zang's Hidden Palace in Genshin Impact is a one-time dungeon in the Li Yue region. Only once will you remove the protective seal to access the dungeon. Complete the Pyro puzzle and unlock the entrance.

We'll walk you through how to find Gui Zang's Hidden Palace, unlock Pyro totems, and in which order to activate them.

Where can I find Gui Zang's Hidden Palace at Luhua Lake?

The hidden palace is located on Lake Luhua in the central part of Li Yue. The entrance is under the seal below the water level. Head south to a circular structure in the middle of a pool. Notice the Pyro-blocked monuments on either side of it.

Gui Zang's Hidden Palace at Luhua Lake in Genshin Impact

To open the dungeon, you need to activate Pyro monuments on the surface: first unlock, then attack certain totems with the corresponding element. Ember is a great option for quick activation from one point, because it is unlikely to run.

Remove the seals from the monuments, approach the stone mechanism in the northwest of the structure, and interact with it. A column of light directed upwards, and patterns burning inside the mechanism, will vanish.

Further, using Spontaneous pyro activate in any order three totemsthat are located under undestroyed columns in the southern half of the circle.

If you activate the wrong monuments, don't be afraid to keep igniting the other Pyros in tact until everything recovers in its original state.

After solving the puzzle, all of the totems will light up, and the protective seal will be successfully removed.

The dungeon itself should be activated as soon as you cross the stone floor from the water. Open the glider or use an air attack that negates fall damage at a low distance to the surface.

Stand on a pressure plate in the middle, which will result in a constant upward flow of air.

Gui Zang's Genshin Impact on the Hidden Palace

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