Windows 11 has learned how to manage the iPhone, although not entirely

Windows 11 has learned how to manage the iPhone, although not entirely ...

Microsoft announced the addition of a Phone Link Preview for the Apple iPhone to the OS in February. This will enable Windows 11 PC owners who have an iPhone to control it remotely via their PC via Bluetooth. However, there are still issues with Android phone control, and the application itself is only available to members of the Microsoft Insider Program.

Microsoft has made it its intention to integrate Windows with Android phones and iPhones, and considerable effort has been dedicated to developing mobile apps for both platforms. However, success was only achieved when a connection to the more open Android platform, especially on Samsung phones, was unsuccessful.

But, finally, Phone Link has connected to the iPhone, allowing for contacts to be managed, calls made, and texts to be sent. It's still in development, so the iOS-enabled Phone Link app is only available to Windows Insiders, who make up a small percentage of the overall users.

Once the iPhone has received the required Bluetooth permissions, users of the updated Phone Link app will be able to connect their iPhone (or Android phone) right from the start of the setup screen, and notifications will be delivered directly through the Windows Action Center.

The main drawback of the new Microsoft app is the inability to send and receive iMessages. The user is also unable to send multimedia messages and reply to group messages. Phone Link is a good option in a mixed IT environment where Windows-based systems and phones on iOS and Android are at the same time.

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