This Lego Star Wars promo is 20% off!

This Lego Star Wars promo is 20% off! ...

News good Lego Star Wars promo: this item is well-known to fans is at -20%!

Published on 02/28/2023 at 18:05

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There is no halt to LEGO Star Wars collaborations: chances are you'll be interested in this one for AT-TE.

LEGO AT-TE Walker for Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

LEGO is a very robust product: over the decades, the Danish brand has managed to establish itself absolutely everywhere, offering reproductions that are sometimes extremely high quality. Marvel, DC Comics, Nintendo, Lamborghini, Ferrari: there's something for everyone, and sometimes you don't even know where to turn! Of course, in the heap, we often find Star Wars, which is one of the most well-known toys manufacturers.

This reference kit 75337 is being offered by Amazon for 111.79 euros, or 20% off.

On Amazon, you can get the AT-TE walker in LEGO for 111€.

LEGO 75337: an AT-TE walker's price decrease

This AT-TE walker is an excellent example of a film saga adaptation of this mythical confrontation at home, while also benefiting from a beautiful finish. After all, LEGO is a popular choice for historical situations.

This AT-TE walker has a capacity of 1082 people, a movable handle to lift and move the contraption, a 7-character cockpit and cabins, a rotating blaster cannon, two stud shooters, two thermal detonators, as well as 5 minifigures of stormtroopers and three more of droids!

The LEGO AT-TE walker is still over 19 centimeters long, 44 centimeters wide, and is an attractive addition to your Star Wars LEGO collection (and God knows there are lots).

On Amazon, you can get the AT-TE walker in LEGO for 111€.

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