Atomic Heart and The Finals are now available on NVIDIA as a game ready driver

Atomic Heart and The Finals are now available on NVIDIA as a game ready driver ...

NVIDIA has announced a new GeForce Game Ready driver for Atomic Heart, including NVIDIA DLSS 3 and THE FINALS, with a closed beta beginning March 7th.

NVIDIA has once again fashioned a driver update out of a hat, from which the recently released Atomic Heart and the new multiplayer shooter The Finals should benefit in particular.

The driver for Atomic Heart has once again enhanced the performance of DLSS 3 on RTX 40 graphics cards. For the beta of The Finals, which is scheduled to launch on March 7th, NVIDIA Reflex, DLSS, and RTXGI will be provided.

Reflex, which can be activated with a single click in the options menu, reduces system latency by up to 55%, making gameplay even more responsive and enabling in-game actions to be performed faster.

NVIDIA DLSS – RTX gamers may increase their performance by enabling AI-powered NVIDIA DLSS technology.

NVIDIA RTXGI – A hardware-accelerated ray tracing program that allows players to observe how light behaves in the environment, reacts to damage, and interacts with volumetric fog and smoke.

The new driver also includes support for RTX Video Super Resolution, an AI image processing enhanced resolution that allows GeForce owners to view improved video on 1440p or 4K displays with AI-optimized sharpness.

Apart from that, the GeForce Experience also includes additional game-specific settings that may be activated with the push of a button:

The Atomic Heart

Company of Heroes 3 is a sequel to The Legend.

Legacy of Hogwarts


Sons Of The Forest are a film based on the same name.

New Friends of the Settlers

Warlander is a fictional character. Warlander is a fictional character from the United Kingdom. Warlander is a fictional character from Warlander. Warlander is a fictional character in the United States.

The new driver may be downloaded as usual via the GeForce Experience software or through

Closed Beta Trailer for The Finals

The Finals, a free-to-play shooter, will be in a closed beta in the near future. The teaser gives you an idea of what's going on.

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