Where is Hulus Wreck shot?

Where is Hulus Wreck shot? ...

'Wreck' (originally titled 'Wrecked') is a British comedy horror series that follows a 19-year-old boy named Jamie Walsh who disappears on a cruise ship known as Sacramentum. So, in his quest to discover her disappearance and uncover the truth, he joins the crew of the same cruise ship.

Jodie Tyack, Jack Rowan, Oscar Kennedy, and Louis Boyer all performed on screen in the thriller program, although the setting of the luxurious cruise ship against the backdrop of open waters is likely to make you question whether or not the film was shot in an actual vessel!

Locations for Wreck Filming

'Wreck' is shot in Northern Ireland, including in Belfast and Ballymena. The initial shot for the original Hulu series apparently began in November 2021 and concluded in late February 2022.

Belfast, Northern Ireland

The majority of the pivotal scenes for 'Wreck' are shot in and around Belfast, Northern Ireland's capital and largest city. The Waterfront Hall at 2 Lanyon Plaza serves as a rehearsal space for Sacramentum's amphitheater. Various important scenes are recorded at the Lost City Adventure Golf Belfast in the Cityside Retail & Leisure Park.

On the historic SS Nomadic, which is docked at Hamilton Dock on Queens Road in Belfast, the filming crew could not record the first season of the show on an actual cruise ship. In 1911, she provided support for the HMS Titanic.

Northern Ireland's Ballymena is a popular destination.

The interior scenes of the fictional cruise ship are also taped in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, which is eighth in population.

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