Maino Reveals Buba100x Choke Out WasStaged

Maino Reveals Buba100x Choke Out WasStaged ...

Maino was the talk of the internet when he was caught on video chokeing out YouTube comedian Buba100x. The 49-year-old has now admitted that their altercation was not genuine, but rather an intention to go viral.

During a Monday (February 27) episode of Way Up With Yee, the rapper said "I wanted to make it appear real." It was all fun and games. "I'm excellent at acting."

The former host of The Breakfast Club talked about how the New York rapper does not typically engage in activities that would stoke a stir on social media, to which the Love & Hip-Hop actor replied: "Sometimes we change though, baby!"

When Buba100x was interviewing Maino and asked to borrow his chain, he replied, "Let me borrow it. I want to see how it feels to have it on."

"See, now you are just chatting," said the "Hi Hater" rapper. Buba changed his argument about whether or not he could slap or punch the YouTuber. He then grabbed the YouTuber's neck and choked him.

People in the background say "Damn, he's really choking him!" Following Buba100x's involvement in a confrontation with Nas EBK earlier this month in New Jersey, it was easy to conclude that the incident with Maino was real.

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