In the next update, Google has introduced fall detection for Pixel watches

In the next update, Google has introduced fall detection for Pixel watches ...

Four months after its first release, Google has added fall detection to the Pixel Watch. From now on, all Pixel Watch owners will receive the software update. It's available either directly on the gadget or via the Android Personal Safety app.

When Google unveiled the Pixel Watch, it was a total disappointment because the watch's base model costs $50 more than Android's best smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and all Samsung wearables now include a fall detection feature.

Google claims that the Pixel Watch has been "extremely tested" to detect a real fall or "vigorous physical activity." For instance, a "minor stumble" will not trigger an alarm during an exercise session.

It's unclear how big a difference this would make to the Pixel Watch's base price. Brands such as ebuyNow, which sold a $100 smartwatch at CES 2023, are examples of available alternatives that offer fall detection at a reasonable price. To Google's credit, it chose to extend rather than reduce functionality.

Function for Fall Detection Functionality for Fall Detection

The Pixel Watch's fall detection capability may be activated in two ways: either the Pixel Watch companion app or the Personal Safety app, which is included in some Android versions. If activated, the function will employ motion sensors and artificial intelligence to determine if prolonged inactivity suggests a serious issue.

When a hard fall is detected, the Pixel Watch will wait 30 seconds for activity before vibrating and sabotaging an audible alert. If you need help, tap the "I'm OK" button on the watch to turn it off.

If you don't respond, Pixel Watch will call 911 automatically and notify the operator that you've fallen. It'll also alert the dispatcher of your location and allow you to communicate directly with the operator from your wrist.

Google has worked on this very popular feature. It is admirable that the company accepts constructive criticism in order to improve its services. On the other hand, the company faces stiff competition due to the pricing it provides. Because the Pixel Watch is somewhat more costly than the Samsung Watch 5, most consumers choose the latter option.

Users have long waited for the Pixel Watches to support fall detection. Please share your thoughts about this new feature now available on Google's only watch.

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