REMEDIUM Sentinels Preview Vampire Survivors Far, Yet Potential

REMEDIUM Sentinels Preview Vampire Survivors Far, Yet Potential ...

Developer: dog studio Publisher: ESDigital Games Release Date (Early Access): 28.02.2023

Vampire Survivors is a game to envy - with its pixelated graphics and straightforward gameplay, it has become one of the most popular games in 2022. Despite the elementary concepts, it is difficult to break away from it - even Xbox's CEO spent 200 hours on the game in just two weeks.

The current game is an open copy of the myths of "vampires". Almost everyone, except for the picture, which is three-dimensional, detailed, and quite pleasant, is allowed to observe the hero and the crowds of monsters in an isometric perspective. The setting here is more strict – something like the Victorian period.

The Barbican suffers a lot in comparison to the Gladiator due to its limited attack range and appearance. REMEDIUM Sentinels is clearly lacking in diverse characters.

If you have played Vampire Survivors, you will know the gameplay. You only need to move around the location, and the hero attacks on his own. During survival, the fighter becomes stronger, and there are more monsters, and towards the end of the game, a real meat grinder begins to appear on the screen.

Every minute a new phase begins, with stronger monsters coming, and the number of bobbleheads increases.

REMEDIUM Sentinels has only three locations – Crossroads, Church, Ruins. All three appeared to be gloomy – with tombstones, destroyed temples, crypts, and other details, which gives the impression that the next part of Diablo is still playing.

There is also a problem with the variety of monsters – on all three maps the same opponents will be waiting for you, perhaps of one type: there are zombies, birds (analogue to bats from Vampire Survivors), and an incomprehensible type of monster for five paws, which have been designed by the artists. The bosses are also powerful and larger.

Everything is identical to Vampire Survivors in terms of survival: experience drops from enemies, and the character picks it up and raises the level. Each new level offers an opportunity to upgrade already acquired items, or boosts the hero's damage, speed, and attack range, all of which turn quickly into a killing machine.

Bonus boxes can be found throughout the map that will ensure your survival in the worst-case scenario: by opening them, you can resurrected your health, freeze all enemies, blow everything up, or acquire gold coins. These are needed for "through" pumping, because after death the player returns to the main menu and can enhance the attributes for this currency.

There are no significant differences between Vampire Survivors and the game in terms of gameplay. Let me remind you that in the “vampires,” you must have a synergistic passive item in your inventory.

The trick is different in REMEDIUM Sentinels: you don't need to select synergies, but during evolution, the elemental damage of the found passive objects (fire, ice, electricity, poison) is taken into account. For example, if you choose ice, the enemies will slow down, but the attack radius will decrease. When lightning is selected, electricity will begin to wreak havoc on the hero.

REMEDIUM Sentinels has a lot of content, and this problem would be resolved if it weren't for bugs. The game drowns in non-critical errors and strange moments that do nothing to affect the gameplay, but ruin the experience.

The bonuses in the Ruins location float in the air or are embedded in the stone texture. When upgrading weapons with the element of lightning, the effect of electricity became too great, eyes became tired of it, and the area next to the hero became difficult to see. By the way, the game at this moment began to lag a lot.

The levels in the menu appear to be locked, but in reality they are all open from the start. Arms are not interchangeable: with one trident you can survive the entire match, while circular saws prove to be useless. Localization issues

REMEDIUM Sentinels is a game that you can feel the passion for – you play various weapons with rapture and crush monsters. Pleasant graphics are appealing to the eye, which may be an obstacle to understanding the phenomenon of the popularity of "vampires".

The game is a mess for the time being, with very little content and a lack of characters. Bugs, poor optimization, and other technical problems ruin the gaming experience. REMEDIUM Sentinels is a fantastic game, but the developers have a lot of work to do.

On Steam, REMEDY Sentinels are available.

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