Atomic Heart's all-polygon gameplay: how to get through and get through

Atomic Heart's all-polygon gameplay: how to get through and get through ...

Atomic Heart's polygons are underground scientific complexes that have been tested. Solving the secrets zones takes no time, although it might require certain skills from the hero. The reward for completing the conditions will please anyone who likes to improve their favorite weapons.

In this chapter, we'll teach you how to open and complete all the polygons in Atomic Heart, as well as obtaining the "Explorer", "Sweep" and even "No Profit Alone" achievements.

The number of polygons in the Atomic Heart

Major Nechaev can explore as soon as he enters the open world after clearing the Vavilov complex.

What are the benefits of passing polygons?

Weapon blueprints and recipes for various tweaks are the main reason for the desire to discover, open, and go through all of the polygons.

Inside the scientific underground complexes you may find iron boxes and shelvingwhere additional consumables fall (chemistry, metal parts, cartridges, etc.).

How do you open and pass all polygons in Atomic Heart?

The task of passing polygons is not an easy task. Additional useful abilities from "Eleanor" are available, including "Second Wind," "Morning Runs," and "Polymer Stream." The last skill is especially important for polygons 9 and 10.

The "Neurocompression Paratrooper Backpack" is recommended, as it will increase your inventory. This will consequently save more valuable items.

Drawingsthat may be obtained:

Fox – an ergonomic handle. PM is an expansive transducer. KS-23 – an expanded shop.

Major Nechaev will first have to interact with the security terminal and activate the main camera in order to open Polygon 1. A small cabin with an elevator will be provided after that. Both require you to overcome electromagnetic components as well as hack the passive safety system relay.

Drawings that may be obtained are:

PM is an electromagnetic polarizer. KS-23 is an expansive converter. Kalash is a thermal imager. Snowball is a polymer alloy nozzle.

Major Nechaev is invited to take the Polygon 2 tests to test his parkour abilities, tied to electromagnetic assemblies. However, you first have to penetrate the tower with a device that maintains the scientific complex's security.

The following are some of the most readily available drawings.

Kalash is an electro-electromagnetic emitter. Snowball is a shambles.

Polygon 6 is one of the simplest scientific underground complexes. In order to get to his experiments, you must first interact with the security terminal and activate the camera. Ahead are puzzles with valves and rotating platforms, as well as an encounter with flying drones of the PCh-9 model.

The following are some of the possibilities to obtain them:

Asterisk – a bottom blade with a reolex accelerator. Dominator is a vortex transducer. Electro – a “energy-vampire” block. Swede – a nozzle constructed of polymer alloys.

Major Nechaev will have to interact with three cameras, each of which is located at different locations in the open world in Polygon 8, and the result is well worth the effort.

The following are some of the most common drawing options.

Kalash is an electromagnetic polarizer. Pate is a comfortable handle. KS-23 is a collimator. Dominator is a momentum divider.

The entrance to Polygon 9 is granted after interaction with the submarine collector, which can be traversed through a hatch located on the square with the Lenin monument.

The following are some of the most readily available drawings:

Kalash is a shambles store. PM – collimator. Krepysh is a booby trap. Dominator – high-intensity modulators.

Polygon 10 is a new scientific area, for the passage of which a pumped "Polymer jet" is required. It's true, unlike the above-mentioned secret zone, the ability will need to be applied three times.

Drawingsthat may be acquired:

Kalash is a massive transformer. PM – thermal imager. KS-23 – larger store.

P-3 will need to enter the penultimate range from the list. Required item – disk key: only with its assistance will be able to open the piston lock at the closet located in the beach area. Inside there are puzzles with valves, rotating platforms, and Candles.

Drawings that may be obtained:

Kalash – electrokinetic stock. Krepysh – revolver loading unit. Electro – “energy-vampire” block. Pate – reflex blade.

Major Nechaev does not have to enter security terminals, activate cameras, or look for key disks to penetrate Polygon 12. Ahead – tests with valves, "Candles," electromagnetic assemblies, as well as a confrontation with a powerful boss – NA-T256 "Natasha."

What you need to do to earn the Explorer award

All of the polygons must be identified for the trophyResearcher to be activated.

How do I get the Cleansing Achievement?

All of the polygons must be completed to unlock the trophyCleanup P-3.

Außerdem, you'll receive the achievement "Do not profit alone" when Major Nechaev opens all of the bronze, silver, and gold Lutyagins (a total of 24 pieces).

Our article is designed to assist you in opening all of the Atomic Heart polygons and completing them. The author will respond to your questions, and will respond as soon as possible. In the appropriate section of our website, follow the directions and walkthroughs for the Atomic Heart.

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