Windows 11: Prepare for changes in the future

Windows 11: Prepare for changes in the future ...

News JVTech Windows 11: Prepare for changes in the coming days

Published on 02/28/2023 at 15:06

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Windows 11 is constantly evolving! When Microsoft's latest operating system was released, it failed to achieve the success it deserved, but the American company is improving and improving at selling Windows 11. Here are some of the most anticipated features for 2023.

Windows 11's heart is fueled by artificial intelligence.

Windows 11 has already been installed on our computers for over a year. While Windows 10 is still a significant success, Microsoft is continuing to improve its users. Today, Windows is still striving to innovate, thanks in particular to the power of artificial intelligence.

Windows 11 has racked up many loyal users with its improved interface and new features, but some others are still too enticed by the OS's penultimate version.

Microsoft announced the new Bing browser enhanced with artificial intelligence. Several fortunate individuals have even had the chance to try this new Microsoft Edge app in beta, and the results are impressive. The AI allows you to enhance your research, but also to obtain detailed answers more easily.

With the native inclusion of AI to your Edge search engine, you will see the Bing browser directly in your search bar, in the center of your taskbar. The purpose of Microsoft is most foremost to facilitate user access to information, but also to create an interface that will suit both PC users and newcomers.

Microsoft wants to create a Windows 11 version that is significantly more efficient and intuitive than before, and the addition of artificial intelligence tends to be foremost in this direction.

Connectivity with iPhones and other smartphones

Microsoft is exploiting this major update to enhance compatibility between Windows 11 and iOS smartphones. Now you may connect your iPhone to your computer running Windows 11 to view and share your photos and videos via improved iCloud integration. Windows 11 is even better for Android smartphone users as it provides enhanced file transfers.

There are other Windows 11 enhancements on the way.

Windows 11 will include new video conferencing capabilities for teleworkers. Windows Studio Effects is a freeware program developed by Microsoft for the Windows 11 operating system. This version of Windows 11 will allow you to preview your audio and your webcam before you enter a videoconference.

The latest version of Windows Update will be available during the month of March, under the Settings tab.

Learn more about Windows 11 in this video.

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