Atomic Heart's Polygon 12: How to Get & Get Through

Atomic Heart's Polygon 12: How to Get & Get Through ...

Atomic Heart's Polygon 12 is the final of the game's secret facilities. It will have to pass a series of three tests before becoming a winner. Gold, silver, and bronze chests are all available.

We'll walk you through how to open Polygon 12 and go through all puzzles with a detailed answer in order to get new weapon blueprints in Atomic Heart.

In Atomic Heart, how do I get to Polygon 12?

No additional requirements must be met to enter Polygon 12 and enter the secret complex. The location of Polygon 12 is shown in the screenshot.

Follow the road map directions to the beach. There is a natural hole below the rock, where you can see the elevator. Climb in it and take a step to the other end of the cave, where the elevator is located. Call him and plunge into the bowels of Polygon 12.

Polygon 12 in Atomic Heart: A Walkthrough

Polygon 12 requires you to solve puzzles with magnetic coils and electromagnetic assemblies as well as defeat a boss robot. Next, we will describe in depth and demonstrate how to deal with each test.

After the elevator reaches Polygon 12, you'll find yourself facing a fork:

Restroom. Way to test Hall #1. A dead-end room with consumables and a regular chest

Continue straight until you reach a large depression in the middle. You must solve the puzzle with magnetic coils before proceeding further.

Next, look up: there are magnets hanging on the platform. Use the ability Shock to influence them.

These actions will transform the foundation needed for the transition from below. For the time being, we do not want to go further, but we return to the red valve and turn it once more. After that, we turn the machine once more. We affect shock to electromagnets.

The riddle has been resolved. As indicated in the screenshot, you must carefully cross the platforms. Next, go to a dead end with a locked door. Break the piston lock and continue on your journey.

A long corridor and a fork follow the door.

Passage to Hall number 2 - a room that leads to a room with a bronze chest. Restroom.

The bronze award includes consumables and a blueprint for "KS-23 - Thermal imager."

Natasha will be thwarted by a flying battle drone in Hall #2.

The gates will open when you defeat the robots. Go inside and look up: there are magnetic coils beneath the ceiling. Use the ability on them Shock to activate the structure underneath the foot.

You'll be in front of another fork:

The far right passage leads to Hall #3. Passage to the room with the silver chest.

Consumables as well as two blueprints are included in the Silver Reward: "Kalash – Electrokinetic butt" and "Krepysh – Barrel Extension."

In this room, there is a magnetised section on the wall that you can hit with the ability Shock. This action will move the wall and open a new passage. Through it you can enter the main hall, where there is a puzzle with magnetic coils.

A candle-shaped device sits in the center of the room. Grab her and insert her into the empty hole at the top of the structure.

Next, use Shock on ceiling electromagnets. This action will cause a small structure on the left to collapse. In its center is a blank space for a Candle. Remove the candle from its old place and place it in a new one.

The platform in front will pivot as long as the candle is inside this structure. If the candle does not work the first time, simply insert and remove the element until you have achieved the correct position.

Now you need to move the candle to the room's center. Next, use the ability Shock to the ceiling.

After that, the path will be clear and you may walk along the platform to the other side. Next, climb the boxes on the right and enter the corridor. However, first remove the candle from the device and carry it upstairs.

Use a glove magnetic pad to slide to the left of the open window, then paste it into a free cell closest device.

In the next room, act with the ability Shock on the top magnetic coils.

Return to the main room. Here we need to insert the candle into the slot central device. Impact Ability Shock on ceiling magnets. On the left, the structure will rise again. We place a candle inside it and apply Shock to magnetic coils.

The following steps will initiate the platform's rotation. Remove the element at such a time that the platform stops in the position shown in the screenshot (so that there were no obstacles at the edge of the platform in another room).

It's time to bring the battery back to the center of the house.

After that, grab the transparent pipe shown in the screenshot. Next, you may flip over to the wooden boards on the right. After that, follow the corridor and go around the room.

Use the ability Shock ceiling magnets to slap the first wall down. Switch to a free platform and use Shock again on the ceiling. After that, it remains to climb a pile of boxes.

Slide the magnetic shutter to the left of the glove, then remove the candle from the central office.

A safe passage will be behind you, and beside it is a blank cell for a candle. Insert element and continue. You will soon be in front of a fork:

The route to the golden chest. The exit to the surface.

The Gold Reward includes a consumable as well as a blueprint “Electro – Block energy-vampire.”

The recipient has been given a certificate.

You will eventually receive the following reward if you complete all of Polygon 12's tests successfully:

Metal parts x10. Energy module x1. Cartridges for PM x10. Superconductor x2. Microelectronics x2. Blueprint: Kalash – Electrokinetic stock. Blueprint: Electro – Block energy-vampire.

Remember that most of the items from the chests are created randomly. Therefore, the materials and blueprints that emerge from Polygon 12 may be different.

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