How to Use the Polymer Scanner in an Atomic Heart

How to Use the Polymer Scanner in an Atomic Heart ...

Atomic Heart is now available on PC and consoles PlayStation e Xbox, as well as immediately added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog. And immediately in the very first stages of the adventure to the protagonist, the P-3 Agenta very precious gadget is provided.

The CHAR talking glove is a polymer-based tool that is extremely useful during the adventure as it can highlight enemies and cameras (red), the loot and collectibles (colored blue) and all objects you can interact with (colored white), as well as electrical cables connecting elevators and other equipment. This makes the scanner a very handy tool for planning your actions while minimizing hazards.

Atomic Heart's Use

All you need to do is press the relative activation key, corresponding to the combination L1+R1 are Playstation / LB+RB su Xbox and on the key Left Alt su PC. Fortunately, the scanner is suitable for any situation and for as long as desired.

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