Where can I find all of the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy?

Where can I find all of the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy? ...

At Hogwarts Legacy, there are a lot of collectibles to pick up, including butterflies, which will be found throughout the adventure.

The most difficult thing about finding Hogwarts Legacy's butterflies is that they aren't marked until you get very close, therefore if you don't know very well where they are located, it's possible that you'll leave some of them.

The butterfly will appear on the map when you reach the area closest to it, but it will only be counted until you complete a small minigame.

After you observe the group of butterflies until they stop in place, cast the revelio spell to reveal a chest, and when you open it, you will complete that specific location of the butterflies.


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So you don't miss any of the Hogwarts Legacy butterflies, here's where you can find them.

Where can I find all of the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy?

Once the original group of butterflies has been identified, you must chase them, and you must then invoke the revelio spell to make the chest appear and open it, and we will be counted.

First, we'll provide you a general map of all the butterflies' locations:

Now we can get to the specific situation in which we will show you three screenshots:

The first shot shows you the original location where the set of butterflies that you must chase will appear. The second image shows your specific location on the map in bird's eye view. The third capture shows you the exact location where the butterflies that you must chase will appear.

Let's get to the 15 butterflies we've already discussed.

To complete one of the most difficult collectibles, you know where all the butterflies are in Hogwarts Legacy.

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