Elden Ring: There's a thing about this! The Erdtree's Expansion Has Been Announced!

Elden Ring: There's a thing about this! The Erdtree's Expansion Has Been Announced! ...

It was about time as well. After months of rumors and speculation, From Software has finally released the DLC for Elden Ring. It's a Shadow of the Erdtree expansion that's been honored.

The Bloodborne remake. Or another big From-Software project: Elden Ring. We were previously unaware of what was going on until the studios announced Shadow of the Erdtree, a major expansion for the Souls-like hit. In German.

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Hold back from ecstatic overshadowing and starting to write your holiday email. Because other than the announcement and the name of the extension, little is known about Shadow of the Erdtree. The DLC is currently in development, according to a Twitter post.

"Rise, Tainted One, and let us chart a new path together." The upcoming Shadow of the Earthtree for Elden Ring expansion is currently in development. We wish you the best of future adventures in the Between Lands.

All that said, the first image is a blank canvas for speculation. Because the area shown there isn't necessarily familiar from the main game. And if you look at past From Software titles' DLC history, you'll see a different layer.

In any case, it will be exciting to see which rings the developers allow us to go through this time in order to be able to explore the fresh area. We can also be curious to see whether the sales figures will continue to rise.

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