Astre has joined Lexatransport in order to benefit from the worldwide services of its affiliated companies

Astre has joined Lexatransport in order to benefit from the worldwide services of its affiliated com ...

Astre, a provider of solutions to businesses in the sector road transport, and Astre have just signed a deal. Through it, Astre members will be able to enjoy Lextransport's international services.

Through this agreement, Lextransport clients will be able to acquire an extensive catalog of products and services that are backed by Lextransport's vast experience and knowledge, making international consulting a top concern for the members of the organization.

Every day, Astre provides a wide range of complementary services in the sector, which is now expanded with new proposals, such as labor or safety advice on hazardous goods transport, expert reports, training plans, and specialized training, a new data management platform for companies that have digital tachographs or 24/7 roadside assistance in Europe.

Valleon Asesores Legales, a new law business specialized in the transportation industry, has also signed the deal, as well as Meetpoint Connect, a marketplace specialized in road transport, that extends the product offerings already mentioned.

Astre discussed his last "European Congress for Business Leaders", held in Edinburgh last November, as well as a new service that it would offer to its partners in 2023.

"At Astre, we strive to maintain the service we provide to our members. Now, thanks to Lextransport, we bring our partners closer to the best experts in the field of road transport," says Javier Bautista, Astre Ibérica's manager.

Lextransport, a business that specializes on road transport advisory services, is constantly evolving to meet the needs of specialists and businessmen in the industry and help them with their day-to-day activities while minimizing the risks of their activities.

"This transaction gives us the opportunity to work with a group composed of well-known companies in the industry," says Lextransport's CEO.

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