Everything We Know About Carson Garrett from Survivor 44

Everything We Know About Carson Garrett from Survivor 44 ...

Fans must be eager to see the new 'Survivor' personalities who are about to compete for glory. Carson, a NASA enthusiast, described himself as a charismatic figure who has always wanted to be the sole survivor.

Carson Garrett's Age, Family, and Background

Carson Garrett, the youngest contestant to ever appear on 'Survivor,' was 20 years old when filming began. He lives in Atlanta with his parents, who have encouraged him and encouraged him to pursue his dream.

Carson's obsession with NASA paved the path for him early in his life. He maintains a close connection with his parents and a lovely connection with his sister.

Carson has a circle of close friends and enjoys sharing their stories on social media. Although he is the youngest contestant on 'Survivor,' he believes that age is only a number and that he is confident about his ability to rise and conquer anything.

Carson Garrett's Profession

Carson has always wanted to be a NASA astronaut and has dreamed of doing so since he was a child. The reality star has said that he managed a group of ten students and collaborated with several outstanding scientists across the country to prepare a formal engineering report.

Carson was awarded the National Student Volunteer Award in 2022 for his work for the Georgia Tech chapter, during which he was also the president of the Artemis II project. He is currently working at NASA's Johnson Space Center, where he has been a part of the Artemis I flight crew and also the opportunity to work on the console for the Artemis I mission.

Is Carson Garrett dating anyone?

Carson has always been a little secretive about his personal life, and hasn't revealed a lot of information about his dating history in public. Moreover, while he loves to keep his close ones and followers updated via regular tweets on social media, he has never mentioned having a romantic interest in anyone special.

Carson is incredibly grateful and optimistic about his future as a NASA astronaut.

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