Everything We Know About Claire Rafson from Survivor 44

Everything We Know About Claire Rafson from Survivor 44 ...

Only a few have beaten the 'Survivor' thrill and thrill. Besides, the survival reality show has always enlisted people from all walks of life and even offered some of them invaluable exposure for pursuing a career in entertainment. So, with fans eager to learn more about Claire, let's find out what we can find out.

Claire Rafson's Age, Family, and Background

Claire grew up in Brooklyn, New York City, and was born in Highland Park, Illinois, at the time of filming. On the other hand, her parents have always encouraged her to keep moving forward and never give up on her dreams.

Claire fell in love with 'Survivor' because of her parents, who have always been huge fans of the program. At some point during her childhood, she would sneak through the door hole and watch a few episodes of the survival reality show with her parents, and since then, she has dreamed of becoming a contestant.

Claire's parents encouraged her to accept the offer and even offered valuable guidance on how to win the competition. On the other hand, the reality star is grateful to her extended family for guiding her through her journey in life.

Claire Rafson's Profession

Claire Rafson began her professional journey soon after graduating from high school. She has worked as a Starbucks barista and a sales associate for the Ohio Democratic Party, as well as as a Judicial Intern for the District of Columbia Superior Court.

Claire began studying at Dartmouth College as an academic tutor in September 2019. She later joined Silver Lake as an ESG and Impact Extern before joining Eniac Ventures as an investor in the technology firm in October 2021.

Is Claire Rafson dating anyone?

Claire is very open about her self-image and does not hesitate to share snippets from her everyday life on social media. Apart from sharing wonderful memories with her friends and family, the reality star is also quite open about expressing her love for her close ones.

Claire's social media posts are filled with pleasant comments, but the absence of a special person is unmistakable. Moreover, there are no reports about the reality star's romantic relationships, which makes us believe she is currently single and fully focused on advancing her career.

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