Seventeen Parts of Your Honor Recap and Review for Season 2 Episode

Seventeen Parts of Your Honor Recap and Review for Season 2 Episode ...

Part Seventeen

Eugene is still alive, contrary to what appeared to be his last moments in the last episode. He has gone to the door of Lee Delamere, the laser who took on Kofi's case on Michael's request. He requests help but refuses to take him to the hospital. He is concerned for his life if they do.

Lee calls Tanya, an Ob-Gyn who is unfavorable to deal with the situation. Michael is stopped for speeding while driving Elizabeth's car, and his license has expired. The person who picks him up is Walter Beckwith, the person who murdered his wife Robyn.

Michael is being detained by Beckwith for a misdemeanor in his parole application, but he will take him to Michael's parole officer because he believes Michael knows everything about Robyn's murder. Jimmy and Gina pick up Carlo, who is badly hurt due to the collision he sustained with Russ and Eugene's vehicle. Gina is surprised to learn that Frankie, Jimmy's right-hand man, is no longer working for the family. He was picked up by Jimmy in

Rudy Cunningham, the officer who shot Eugene, checks with the emergency department to see if the body has been recovered. Lee says to Eugene that she wanted to assist him the night before he disappeared but she couldn't reach him. Monique is more concerned about the damage the new medication has done to their own lives. Chris, a 13-year-old boy who works for Monique, has lost his 13-year-old son Terrance.

Monique and Jimmy arrive at the hotel room to express their condolences, but his family does not appreciate her presence. Tanya and Lee discuss plans to take Eugene out of the city, but he collapses, and they are forced to transport him to the hospital. Lieutenant Cusack, who is on Jimmy's payroll, reports that they can't locate Eugene.

Jimmy calls Monique and admonishes her about Eugene's sudden appearance. She refuses to give up and says she will stand up for her. Beckwith confesses he met with his CI after Nancy reopened the investigation the week before. He has to go out with empty hands.

Little Mo is still recovering from the beating he sustained. Rudy receives a call from a security personnel at the hospital about Eugene. Beckwith states that another officer was involved in Robyn's murder. Nancy dials 911 to discover Rudy. She uses the number Olivia gave him to track him down.

Charlie is surprised to hear about Eugene. He immediately withdraws from assisting Rudy and saying, "Go out of state and into hiding." Little Mo visits Chris' family and apologizes for not removing the poison (the drugs) when he had the chance. Jimmy reiterates that Monique has neglected her own people and she must pay for it. Phil Calabri calls Gina and Carlo to ask for the Baxter District to be completed.

Jimmy's effort is to strengthen his position as the president of the family and the business. She cancels the baptism but realizes she will not be able to live alone. Fia confesses she planned to flee the scene but discovers she'll never be able to reach the church. Nancy and Michael go to the cop's house and it turns out Rudy.

Rudy claims to have received a phone call from someone who wanted Robyn to go. According to his description, Rudy mentions something about "wanting a judge's automobile to vanish". Jimmy reports to Jimmy about Eugene's whereabouts. Gina is defying the outcome.

Michael goes to Charlie's office to discuss Rudy's death and then confronts Charlie on the night of Robyn's death. She gave Rudy his name, and he denied knowing that she had been betrayed by his own best friend. Michael lies on the bus while returning. Fia and baby Rocco are on his way.

After everything that appears to indicate that Charlie ordered the hit on Robyn, imagine Michael's agony. Everyone he ever loved is either dead or has turned against him. Now, he has lost his best friend, but maybe Fia and baby Rocco will provide life support to restore him.

Bryan Cranston has been incredible in his body language and capturing Michael's mental state this season. He deserves credit for enticing emotion into an arc where dialogues aren't usually top-notch. The narrative has been bleak until now, with little explanation. Every subplot appears to be heading towards its final outcome with no clear outcomes.

Monique might face rebellion from within her own ranks. Eugene's life, irrespective of what happens, is for ever gone. Jimmy has also lost Gina's trust and confidence in caring for his family and business. Michael has faced another setback.

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